How do I stop feeling anxious? | Anxiety symptoms

How do I stop feeling anxious? | Anxiety symptoms

Some people are anxious about being anxious. This may sound like a bizarre statement, but often those experiencing this symptom cannot pinpoint a specific reason – they simply feel a bit anxious or worried.

If long-lasting, people with anxiety may experience symptoms such as palpitations, headaches or panic attacks. They feel out of control, and unable to take positive action to avert the possibility of another bout of panic. If these symptoms are severe, it will be best for you to visit your doctor for some advice and help.

However, many people with mild anxiety are happy to learn that there are a number of ways in which they can help themselves.

Yes, adrenalin – a chemical released from the adrenal glands in response to a threat to the person to whom those adrenal glands belong!

Adrenalin activates a ‘Red Alert’ in the body, sending blood coursing through the heart and lungs to enable you to run or fight better; it opens up sweat glands so that you don’t overheat doing that running or fighting; it liberates stored sugar from the tissues to power the muscles; and it causes the heart to beat faster to pump oxygen around the body.

For a moment there, you could box with Rocky, but your body can’t keep this up and as when adrenaline levels fall again, a reaction sets in – your muscles feel weak and shaky, your heart beats irregularly, you feel breathless, dizzy, damp and sweaty and unable to co-ordinate.

Now, this adrenalin business is great if faced with the aforementioned mad dog (or boss), as it will get you away from the danger or power your leap to a place of safety. It is, however, the release of adrenaline in response to non-threatening physical factors (ie. stress) which causes the symptoms of panic that can ruin lives.

What factors?
Caffeine intake
Nicotine intake
Alcohol intake
Refined sugar intake
Low blood sugar

These are the most common factors. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine won’t help. If they are taking a substantial place in your daily life (which is particularly likely with caffeine), the adrenal glands can become very sensitive and jumpy.

If you take vast quantities of sugar, the body tries to deal with it by tucking it all away quickly into the tissues. So the blood sugar level drops, and adrenalin is released to raise blood sugar levels again. You will not only feel nervous but also your energy levels will change dramatically. If too much sugar is included in your main coffee diet, prepare a double-negative side effect…

Blood sugar levels can also drop if you have not eaten in the last few hours. Women are especially guilty of this, they go without food for a long time and wonder why they feel so brave, jumping in the shade and craving sugary foods.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes. If you are dehydrated you will feel your mouth dry and cracked, and then you think you are scared. Many patients tell me that they no longer wake up at night with palpitations once they are drinking the regulation 1.5 liters of still water daily, and cutting out the coffee (which has a dehydrating effect).

Herbs and Nutrients
Nutrients needed by your nervous system to withstand the shock of magnesium and vitamin B. There are also some herbal remedies that may help if you are a bit anxious.

Some hints to get you started
Drink more water, cut down on coffee and other caffeinated drinks
Cut down nicotine and alcohol intake
Eat regularly and try not to overeat sugar (this is easier if you eat every three to four hours, as blood sugar levels do not decrease and as a result you do not experience cravings for sugar)
Practice deep breathing and slow walking, or take a yoga or relaxation session that teaches you to control your breathing effectively
Instead of all those caffeinated beverages, turn to herbal remedies such as chamomile, lemon balm, and lemon verbena, which will calm your nerves while clearing your mind.

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